What does Nubmade mean?

Nubmade is similar to handmade, but a little more love and dedication is placed into each craft that I present to you! Instead of making an item by hand, I use my nubs to bring you the items you love here at Nubs Nook!

How much is shipping? 

Shipping varies by destination and I do not control shipping costs, however, my website provider offers the most discounted rates compared to any others on the web . . .

Is every item custom made? 

Every item that is listed as "Nubmade" on the website is custom made to order or custom made to produce several products to have on hand to offer to customers!

Can I customize items to my likings?

You can fully customize keyrings, earrings, and koozies with your preferred images. Literally, any image you'd like (think respectfully)! 

How long does each order take?

My goal is to have every order out on its way to you on the next business day. Some shipping variation may occur, resulting in a brief delay, where you can contact me immediately to check on your order or to retrieve your packages tracking number!

How can I support your small business? 

You can show support to my small business by sharing to your family members and friends. Social media is a huge factor in the success that I have reached here on Nubs Nook in such a short time. I would love to interact with you on Facebook